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Lisa Luera

Meet Coach Lisa Luera

Hi! It’s coach Lisa – Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Girl Mom, Marine Wife & Child of God.
A little about me: I have been active and healthy pretty
much my entire life. I’ve always enjoyed being active – whether it was playing basketball, dancing with friends, or going for a run after work. After I had my 3rd daughter, the weight did not fall off like it did before! I struggled with the baby weight (like so many of us do) and I made the decision to join a small locally owned gym. I was determined to get back in shape, but I needed help. I made friends with the owners and trainers at the gym, and they taught me a lot about my body and what “healthy” really meant. My passion for health and wellness grew and it was in those training moments that I realized I wanted to share what I learned
with others!

Why train with Coach Lisa?

  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Circuit Training
  • One-on-One Private Training
  • Individualized Nutrition Planning
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Lisa Luera

Lisa Luera

Personal Trainer